- not so Frequently Asked Questions -

update 2004/8/31

Note on the gnuplot version

Some Commands Changed

The most recent version of gnuplot is ver.4.0, and some gnuplot commands were slightly changed since ver.3.8 was released. We hope that 4.0 will be getting more popular, however ver.3.7 is still widely used. The scripts shown here are mainly for ver.3.7 if not specified. When you see a [ver.4] sign in this site, this means the function described there does not work for ver.3.7.

To use 3.8, one has to change some commands.

To turn of some setting, we have used set no.... This still works for ver.3.8, but the unset command is recommended. For example, to remove a legend unset key instead of set nokey .

gnuplot> set nokey
warning: deprecated syntax, use "unset"
gnuplot> unset key

The set linestyle command which I often use in this site is no longer available.

gnuplot> set linestyle 1 lt 4 lw 3

The command above must be rewrite as

gnuplot> set style line 1 lt 4 lw 3