- not so Frequently Asked Questions -

update 2007/8/14

General Information about Gnuplot

Where can I download the current version of gnuplot ?

The newest version of gnuplot is 4.2 (Mar. 2007). The official web site is

Gnuplot Central

and you can find the current version of gnuplot.

The current version can be obtaind at

and several mirror sites you can find at the URL above.

For a development version:

Where can I get FAQ of gnuplot ?

FAQ comes with the gnuplot source archive. Otherwise the FAQ can be found at

What can I do if I find some mistakes in this document ?

Of course, let me know !

Do I have an archive of this web-site ?

This question is a real "Frequently Asked Question" about my web site, and the answer is "unfortunately, not". However there are some tools which copy the contents in a specified web site into your local hard drive. Why don't you try WGET .